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    Akyzen has the expertise to provide IT solutions, defined by a coherent strategic roadmap, that focus on activities to create the most advantageous future position. We leverage a unique framework, operational excellence and continued investment in personnel skills, tools, and technologies.

  • What We Do

    Get the peace of mind that comes from relying on the respected professionals at Akyzen to provide responsive and hassle-free IT Solutions that work EXACTLY the way you want at a price that you expect.

    Technology Support

    IT Managed Service

    Our IT Managed Services help our clients rest assured, knowing that their devices are working efficiently as automated checks are happening throughout the day and night. IT Managed Services include remote management, managed security, managed cloud, managed anti-virus, managed backups, disaster recovery, cloud services, and IT strategy. Click for more.

    Cloud Services

    Cloud Migration

    We provision Cloud instances and migrate critical business data from outdated on-premise servers to the Cloud. Benefits of a Cloud migration include fast deployments, agility and innovation lets you quickly move forward, cost reduction by reducing on-premise infrastructure, pay-as-you-go allows you to pay only for the services you need at the time you need them, and most importantly, protect your data from on-premise disasters. Click for more.

    IT Staffing

    Staff Augmentation

    We have vast experience in matching talented IT resources with corporate clients. All Akyzen personnel come from technical consulting backgrounds. We are experts at identifying resources with specific skills, and know how to translate a company’s resource requirements into a skillset description. Any company looking for the right resource for a full time, part time, permanent, or temporary IT position will benefit from our services. Click for more.

  • IT Managed Service

    Fed up with computer and network problems that cause disruption and downtime when you just need to run your business? Our comprehensive IT Remote Managed Service saves you money and ensures your applications and data are secure by identifying and taking action before problems occur and affect your business. Automated tasks check your system day and night, and when we spot trouble, we’ll fix it right away – probably before you even know about it.


    Here's why you can rely on Akyzen to take the computer support burden off your shoulders:

    Proven track record | Business experience | Technical expertise | Responsiveness


    By outsourcing your IT Managed Service with us, you can reduce down time and improve security on all of your servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, printers, and backups. Each day, every device on the network is monitored and proactively maintained by secure software agents, automated processes, and our Managed Services team.


    Network and IT Support

    Managed IT

    Server, Workstation and Network Uptime

    With our comprehensive IT Remote Management Services, you can stop worrying about your IT and focus more on your business.

    Remote Managed Services is a powerful way to optimize, protect, and deliver peak performance of your servers, workstations and network 24/7/365.


    Our team of highly skilled technicians work behind the scenes to customize a set of managed services to optimize and maintain the performance of your network. We help you:


    - Reduce downtime
    - Reduce costly repair visits
    - Improve performance
    - Improve employee satisfaction
    - Increase overall company productivity

    Network Security

    Managed Security

    We Keep You and Your Data Protected​

    Getting your systems protected is easy. Secure your critical business data effortlessly, quickly, and remotely.


    There's no hardware to install or any training required. Simply give our Managed Security team a call and they will have your data safe in no time.


    You can choose the level of protection you want, from immediate monitoring of your current level of threats to developing a long-term strategic solution to data protection. We keep you safe from:


    - Virus attacks
    - Unauthorized access to systems
    - Attacks on your email
    - Data theft
    - Downtime


    Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Backup and
    Disaster Recovery

    Consistent Data Availability with Cloud Backups

    Akyzen’s Backup and Disaster Recovery service is fast, reliable, on- and off-premise, and makes your life easier! No more worrying about on-site backup failure, or missing a crucial disk backup.


    We provide an easy way to secure your data, removing the hassle from on-site backup solutions. We give you the convenience and efficiency of the cloud and make sure your data is stored safely and securely off-site so you can stay in business should a disaster strike. Akyzen Disaster Recovery Services provide:


    - Continuous Automated Backups
    - Continuous Recovery
    - Cloud Recovery Targets
    - Backup Accelerator
    - 80% Faster Backups

    Microsoft Office 365

    Microsoft Office 365
    and Support

    24/7 Anywhere Email Access​

    Business is better with Microsoft Office 365. It’s the Office you know, with additional tools to help you work better together.


    Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based productivity suite designed to help meet your company’s needs for security, reliability, and productivity.


    Get Microsoft Office 365 services and support from Akyzen, a Microsoft reseller. We will take away the challenge of administration and management of the productivity suite. We will be your IT experts, saving you time and money in hiring your own. We have dedicated account managers to work with you to assess your business productivity needs. Then we assist you in the implementation, migration, deployment and training of the new features and upgrades.

  • Cloud Migration

    We at Akyzen think that going to cloud, implementing cloud, whatever you want to call it, is really not just a transaction but a journey and the customer should do this in the proper phases, step-by-step according to their particular conditions and business needs in particular.


    Contact us for a free consultation of your current network and find out how you can benefit from a full or hybrid Cloud migration.

  • Staff Augmentation

    We evaluate existing staff capabilities, determine any gaps, and fill key positions.


    We help you address the need for rapid response to fill project team positions and meet business objectives. Our focus is on evaluating existing staff capabilities, determining the gap, and filling key positions. Our strategy is to leverage existing resources and utilize outsourced services and contract workers. Partner with Akyzen, meet business objectives and eliminate budget constraints. We recruit the candidates, conduct background checks, assess their technical capabilities, and present you with only the resources that prove to be the perfect match to your requirements.

    Services Offered

    Fulfill short term and long term staffing needs with a single person or a project team. Contractors can be on-site or off-site, onshore, nearshore, and offshore. Some of the list of talent we provide to our clients are:


    • Managed Services
    • Application Development
    • Application Maintenance
    • Agile Software Developers
    • DevOps Engineer
    • Security Engineer
    • System Engineer
    • Project/Program Manager
    • Internet/Cloud Engineer
    • eCommerce
    • Programmer
    • Database Architect
    • Database Administration
    • Business Analyst
    • Product Manager
    • Help Desk Support Professionals
  • Join Us

    Whether you're a job seeker interested in working for an IT firm that's focused on delivering high-end, scalable client solutions, or a hiring manager, IT manager, HR Talent Acquisition professional, VMS office or procurement specialist looking for contractors, please contact us for an opportunity to speak with you.

  • Current Job Opportunities

    Find your perfect fit.

    WAS Performance Tuning

    Contact Jill Sanchez at jsanchez@akyzen.com; (972) 841-4768.

    • J2EE Application Platform Configuration & Performance Optimization: 10 years
    • WebSphere Tuning/Sizing,
    • Hands on experience in tuning/sizing, clustering performance tuning and problem resolution of WebSphere middleware components
    • Web Engineers who can conduct performance tuning of Websphere container and do performance testing, JVM tuning, and troubleshooting.
    • Tuning the WebSphere environment and underlying JVM)
    • Knowledgeable on tuning Websphere integration with LDAP, Active Directory, and other Single Sign On (SSO) solutions.
    • Use of application monitoring tools such as CA Wily Introscope.
    • Analysis of WebSphere thread and heap dumps to perform problem investigation and resolution in coordination with the application support teams.
    • Evaluate overall system performance to develop and implement recommendations to address and resolve any issues.
    • Manages system integrity and availability and support capacity planning efforts.
    • Monitor and tune connection pools for optimum performance
    • Apply performance tuning best practices to WebSphere Application Servers


    AIX Performance Tuning

    Contact Jill Sanchez at jsanchez@akyzen.com; (972) 841-4768.

    • 7 plus years’ experience on AIX server tuning and optimizations/troubleshooting
    • Tuning and optimization of shared pool on P8 series
    • Performance monitoring and tuning of AIX workload
    • Provide evaluation of application performance and capacity on system resources usage to sustain business application volume processing.
    • --Work closely with team of Performance Engineers to orchestrate, conduct and participate in line of business performance testing analysis
    • Utilize diagnostic and monitoring tools to measure, detect, isolate and resolve performance issues found during application development performance testing including measuring, monitoring and capturing required infrastructure & application performance metrics, logs and reports.
    • --Perform 3rd level performance troubleshooting for applications/systems Root cause analysis, heapdump, core dump, thread dump and other log analysis, code profiling, packet tracing, event tracing, resource analysis.
    • Experience with performance tools such as NMON, IO Stat, vmstat, memstat, lparstat, etc.
    • Additional storage and network background


    Monitoring (CA APM - Wiley)

    Contact Jill Sanchez at jsanchez@akyzen.com; (972) 841-4768.

    • Deep understanding of performance test principles, processes and implementations
    • Hands on working knowledge of monitoring tool CA Wily Introscope
    • 5+ yrs Extensive experience in identifying and Analyzing performance hot spots or issues using CA APM
    • 5+ yrs of In-depth Technical knowledge on Code analysis, DB analysis, JVM analysis and garbage collecting, middleware tier analysis
    • 5+ yrs Experience in Performance Analysis, provide Root Cause Analysis post a Performance / Load Test via a environment (for monitoring Client side metrics, Web server, application Server, Database, etc) and provide appropriate detailed recommendation for performance improvements / tuning
    • 5+ yrs Extensive experience in performance testing using tools such as Loadrunner
    • 5+ yrs experience with CA Monitoring tools (UIM, APM, ADA, SOI, DSM)

    DB2 Performance Tuning

    Contact Jill Sanchez at jsanchez@akyzen.com; (972) 841-4768.

    • 7-10 years’ experience in DB2 10.5 (HADR) Performance tuning.
    • Experience with DB2 parameters associated with tuning
    • Experience with end to end DB2 performance tuning with both AIX and storage
    • Ability to analyze system performance tables; identify memory, diskIO issue
    • Ability to analyze queries; explain plan and optimize to reduce query cost
    • File system layout optimization
    • Worked with DSM tool and ability to identify and optimize top running queries
    • Worked with both data warehouse and OLTP database.  Have a good understanding of different approach to optimize both type of databases.
    • Expertise in tuning DB2 memory structures
    • Experience in identify logical data model optimization and tune data model by defining indexes that will help overall performance
    • Experience with RCAC and LDAP integration features
    • Proficient in SQL query tuning
  • Akyzen?

    Akyzen (a new technical term) is a webification of “Application Kaizen”, or “A-Kaizen”. In Japanese, “kaizen” means “good change”. Over the years, it has become synonymous with stepwise refinement and continuous improvement. “Application Kaizen” is the principle we live by here at Akyzen.

    About Akyzen

    The Akyzen team, consisting of Accenture alumni, have in-depth experience in mature processes, standards and requirements. We focus on client requirements to find the right skills and experience, and work with the client to achieve their business and program/project objectives.


    Headquartered in Dallas, TX with offices in Chicago, IL, Akyzen services Fortune 1000 companies across a breadth of industries including: Technology, Health Care, Financial Services, Insurance and Consulting/Education. Its founders and executive team come from the Big 4 Consulting firms with 100+ years of Technical Consulting Experience to Fortune 1000. Akyzen was founded to deliver top quality services at reasonable savings to our clients.

    Minority Owned

    Akyzen has been certified as a Minority Owned Business from the Texas Certification Directory program.

  • Leadership

    Akyzen recognizes that our success is rooted in our professional relationships.

    IT Managed Services Professional

    Fabiola Lagunas


    Fabiola has been running Akyzen since its launch. She works closely with Marketing to ensure that our brand is well represented and oversees Business Operations. In her free time, Fabiola enjoys Art and Music. Fabiola has a degree in Veterinary Medicine from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico and studied Psychology in Illinois.

    IT Support Professional

    Jill Sanchez

    VP of Operations

    Jill has over 20 years of business and operations management experience. She is the key point of contact for Sales, Professional Services, HR, and Finance. Jill is heavily involved in day-to-day operations, making sure the organization runs efficiently. She has over 5 years of experience pertaining specifically to DevOps. Jill has a BA from the University of Texas at Dallas.

    IT Managed Services Professional

    Kerry Fleming

    Chief Technology Officer

    Kerry has over 15 years of IT consulting and project delivery experience. He is deeply experienced in the delivery of IT, Infrastructure Architecture Implementations, and Technology solutions.

    Technology Solutions Professional

    Sal Alvarez

    IT Director

    Sal has over 20 years of experience offering Technology Solutions and Consulting. As Akyzen’s IT Director, Sal is focused on Cloud Infrastructure and Digital Transformation, shifting the burden of IT management from on-premise to virtual/remote. Sal also helps companies focus on their core business by implementing comprehensive IT Managed Services, Cloud Backups and Disaster Recovery for consistent data availability, and provides expert solutions and support for Industry tools such as MS Office 365.

  • Contact Us

    Today it is essential for an organization to have an IT Strategy in place to define a roadmap for the system architecture, applications and tools that are required to support the company’s growth plans. We have the expertise to develop a meaningful, actionable strategy. Contact Us.



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