• Managed Security.


    We help keep your data protected.

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    IT Managed Security

    Akyzen can guide you through the implementation of an optimal security strategy to help keep your critical data safe.

    Ransomware is evolving every day and it's not going away any time soon. AI-driven phishing attempts are now a greater risk as sophisticated Malware will now mimic writing styles, review, and infiltrate calendars. No company is out of scope for malicious intent, even if they think they have nothing worth stealing.


    Getting your systems protected with us is easy. We can help secure your critical business data effortlessly, quickly, and remotely. There's no hardware to install or any training required. Simply give our Managed Security team a call and they will have your data safe in no time.


    You can choose the level of protection you want, from immediate monitoring of your current level of threats to developing a long-term strategic solution to data protection. We keep you safe from:


    - Virus attacks
    - Unauthorized access to systems
    - Attacks on your email
    - Data theft
    - Downtime