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    MCS & AKYZEN Bring Data Protection To Your Medical Practice!


  • MCS and Akyzen provide IT solutions to medical centers, and excel at delivering solutions that optimize productivity, strengthen patient relationships, ensure HIPAA compliance, enhance security, and drive profitability.

    "Thank you for your continued support and assistance in keeping our computers and systems running so smoothly. When I think back on prior relationships, I can truly appreciate how good ours is" - Rabin Research Company


    1/3 of businesses have experienced a RansomWare attack in the last year.


    We offer Cloud storage, making sure your precious data is stored safely and securely off-site.


    Reduce down time and improve reliability on your network, workstations, and peripherals.


    We help avoid compromised privacy, Malware infections, and even a HIPAA violation.

  • Akyzen & MCS - A Value Driven Partnership.

    We've partnered with MCS, a firm that's as passionate about keeping client's data safe as we are.

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    We help our clients rest assured, knowing that their devices are secure. We secure your critical patient data effortlessly, quickly, and remotely. There's no hardware to install or training required. We've partnered with MCS to provide medical centers security, protection, efficiency, and HIPAA compliance. We're passionate about keeping your data secure.

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    Medical Consulting and Solutions (MCS) offers several new lines of ultrasound equipment that can be tailored for a variety of medical applications. We offer affordable service options with preventative maintenance only, or varying degrees including full coverage. Our priority is keeping our clients HIPAA compliant.

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    Staying HIPAA compliant is a necessity for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

    As providers adopt more digital technologies, including electronic health records, data warehouses, and more mobile devices, they must ensure that their infrastructure runs smoothly without exposure to security vulnerabilities. It only takes one unsecured device or network access point for an organization to have its data compromised.


    No facility wants to become the next healthcare data breach target. Today’s cyber-attackers have developed proven methods to gain access to your network and data. Attackers, like cyber-security professionals, examine trends to determine the most viable methods to exploit your information. In today’s environment, the question isn’t if you are going to be attacked, it’s when. Akyzen can determine the potential information that could have been compromised in an actual attack. We can optimize your security and provide a strategic plan to keep your data protected. Act now, this offer is for a limited time only.

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    Akyzen’s Backup and Disaster Recovery service is fast, reliable, on- and off-premise.

    No more worrying about on-site backup failure, or missing a crucial disk backup. Akyzen provides an easy way to secure your data, removing the hassle from on-site backup solutions. We offer the convenience and efficiency of Cloud storage, and make sure your precious data is stored safely and securely off-site so you can stay in business should a disaster strike.


    Akyzen provides a wide range of IT solutions from infrastructure and security to business intelligence, software solutions, and an industry-leading Managed IT Services practice. Across all of these solutions, our approach is to become your strategic partner, understand your business and your priorities, and develop a solution that works for you to achieve success.

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    IT Managed Service is a powerful way to optimize and protect your IT.

    Our team of highly skilled technicians works behind the scenes to customize a set of managed services to optimize and maintain the performance of your network, server, storage devices and telecom systems. We also help assess your IT risks, establish an incident prevention plan, and respond to a security breach before it’s too late.


    Contracts can be scaled to fit any need and budget. The new reality is that data breaches are inevitable, and medical facilities need to start putting a plan in place to protect their ePHI. We can protect you against Viruses, Malware and Ransomware, Data Interception, Identity Theft, and most importantly keep your electronic health records secure by providing medical device security, avoiding a HIPAA violation.

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